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Palisade Suit

Palisade Suit

The Palisade Suit is our relaxed take on the smart blazer and trousers look. Smart enough for classier occasions, casual enough for comfortable wear. And versatile enough for you to make it your own.

The Palisade Suit is comprised of the Palisade Jacket and the Palisade Pants. Both are made of recycled polyester and feature a touch of elastane to give the fabric a four-way stretch, meaning you can hop on your bike or skateboard with the suit on. The fabric is lightly resistant to water, dirt, and wind, so you don’t have to worry about the drizzle –and you don’t need to cover the jacket with an outer layer. Even fancy-looking clothes need to get you through the rough seas.

By matching the Palisade Suit with different items, you can easily switch from style to style. For example, pair the jacket and pants with a hoodie for a casual everyday look. When attending more formal occasions, you can match them with a polo shirt. For mid-season use, wear the jacket over a mid-layer fleece. The pockets on the front –and the interior pockets with zipper closure –make sure you have enough storage room with you. No need to let a bag get in front of the look.

And when the Palisade Suit is in need of a wash, no dry cleaning is needed. You can wash the machine-washable jacket and pants yourself.