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358 series: Spring 2023

358 series: Spring 2023

Here in Finland, it’s cold, windy, snowy, wet, and slushy – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Because after all, it’s all about being dressed for the occasion. The demanding elements of this country are the ones that have taught us the art of dressing properly. That’s why we have named our series of technical urban outdoor clothes after Finland’s area code: 358. The new 358 Spring Drop continues the unisex collection with a new colorway for the Kuura 3L Jacket, a multi-purpose poncho, and items for layering up.

First things first. Since the initial launch of the 358, the collection’s unofficial symbol has been the technical and three-layered Kuura Jacket. Designed to withstand heavy rain, harsh wind, and chilling temperatures, the Kuura Jacket is the rainy day’s companion equally for the city and the woods. Now, the versatile shell jacket is available in new green color. Furthermore, we extended the well-proven recipe to a new item: the Kuura 3L Poncho. The weather-enduring poncho has a 20 000mm water column –and doubles as a tarp when camping out in the woods.

The other additions to the 358 include items for layering up, like the quick-drying Utu Half Zip sweatshirt and the flexible Kivi Hooded Sweatshirt. And, regardless of our mainly cold and/or wet weather, we do get some sunshine here. Designed for sheltering from the sun, the technical Sonne shirts are UV-protected. Available with long and short sleeves, the Sonne shirts come in classic black and white – and also in the vibrant tulip colorway.

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