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A tribute to Kingston Wall

A tribute to Kingston Wall

Of all the bands that have roamed our Northern soil, few have had such an impact as Kingston Wall. During their brief but unforgettable journey, the band pioneered Finnish psychedelia and inspired an entire generation of non-conforming youth. Created in collaboration with the remaining members of the band, the Kingston Wall collection is our tribute to the band – and a take on how Kingston Wall’s unique aesthetics would look today.

The collection combines our casual streetwear design with Kingston Wall’s Eastern mysticism, creating a mixture of contemporary and eternal. Designed by Vilunki 3000, the figure behind many of Finland’s best-known band graphics, the prints revive Kingston Wall’s otherworldly visuals and run wild with references to the band’s catalog.

The collaboration is also a continuation of our charity work. Like many of us, Kingston Wall was also affected by mental health issues. That’s why we are donating 8 % of the collaboration’s proceedings to MIELI ry, an organisation devoted to advancing mental health.

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