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Founded in 2001, Makia is a Helsinki based clothing company producing Nordic contemporary designs to stand the test of time, equally in quality and over trends, to become a part of our everyday lives.

We have stood long enough in cold rain, to favour simple and functional designs that focus on materials respecting the harsh northern climate. Makia was born in the harbour of Helsinki out of these principles — to stand the test of time and to accompany you for years to come - Through the Rough Seas.

Straightforward designs and quality for years to come.  The initial idea of Makia was to bring easily approachable quality clothes to its customers, at reasonable prices. To this day, we thrive to make our designs as usable and functional as possible, no-nonsense clothing that you won’t want to throw away.

Humble beginnings

It has been more than 20 years since we started experimenting with garments in a small cellar space of a working-class neighbourhood of Punavuori, in the harbour of Helsinki.

First t-shirts are printed.

Cellar workspace in the old workers’ district of Punavuori, Helsinki.

Experimenting with different styles
and fabrics from local factories.

First sample collection sees daylight.

First years

Our idea was to try to and create clothes that would reflect a down-to-earth mindset in a less is more functional way.

Makia Flag logo and name trademarked.

Makia Clothing Ltd. established.

First collection introduced for the winter season with eight everyday products, one being the Raglan Parka.

Wind in our sails

From humble beginnings of beer-wrenched nights, hunting leftover fabrics, and doing whatever it takes to get the ball rolling, we have veered off course and almost sank the ship but still managed to navigate through the hardships to forge Makia into a company that has stood the test of time. 

2008 First international tradeshow.
Bright, in Frankfurt.

2009 First European agencies
in Italy and Spain.

2010 Makia’s office moves from a cellar to the old dockyard workers’ building in Helsinki.

2011 Makia introduces footwear and
Women’s collection.

2012 Kimi Räikkönen joins Makia Racing, a collection to tribute his F1 career.

2013 Summer catalogue shoot at the legendary Rancho de la Luna Studio in California. First Kid’s collection introduced.

Navigating home

15 years into our journey we are recognised as one of the top 3 brands on the Finnish market along with names such as Apple and Tesla.

2014 Makia returns to its roots and adjusts its brand direction, processes and collections.
2015 Makia reaches break-even point.
2016 Sales in 20 countries with over 500 retailers. ‘Through the Rough Seas’ introduced as the slogan of the brand.
2017 Makia is chosen amongst top 3 brands in Finland behind Apple and Tesla by branding professionals. Makia flagship store opens in the centre of Helsinki.

Bearing the flag

Sustainable operations is a vital prerequisite of any player in the clothing industry today and we want to be at the fore front of this development. We are committed to increase the use of environmentally preferred materials to 75% by 2025.

2018 Makia collaborates with Moomin Characters for a streetwear collection.

2019 Makia collaborates with Alvar Aalto Foundation for a collection of timeless classics inspired by the world-renowned architect.

2020 Makia sustainability goals to increase the use of environmentally preferred materials to 75% by 2025.

Shaping the future

Our mission is to continue serving our customers with the same values and principles that our brand was built on, while embracing new ideas, sustainable materials, technologies, and designs without forgetting about quality and our roots in timeless Nordic functionality.

We’ll keep pushing through the rough seas because no AI can replace the feeling of being still alive.