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Mini me

Mini me

In the Mini Me category, you can find the same items in both kids’ and adults’ sizes, meaning you and your little sidekick can create the uniform for your own little team.

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Sailaway KnitSailaway Knit
Sailaway Knit Sale price€109,00
Kids' Sailaway T-shirt
Kids' Sailaway T-shirt Sale price€29,00
Heartache Long SleeveHeartache Long Sleeve
Heartache Long Sleeve Sale price€65,00
Kids' Heartache T-shirt
Kids' Heartache T-shirt Sale price€29,00
Sextant Sweatshirt
Sextant Sweatshirt Sale price€89,00
Kids' Sextant Sweatshirt
Kids' Sextant Sweatshirt Sale price€59,00
Sienna ShirtSienna Shirt
Sienna Shirt Sale price€129,00
Kids' Nila OvershirtKids' Nila Overshirt
Kids' Nila Overshirt Sale price€89,00
Mini MeFolke Hooded SweatshirtFolke Hooded Sweatshirt
Folke Hooded Sweatshirt Sale price€109,00
Kids' Verkstad Long Sleeve
Kids' Verkstad Long Sleeve Sale price€45,00
Kids' Verkstad T-shirt
Kids' Verkstad T-shirt Sale price€32,00
Verkstad T-shirtVerkstad T-shirt
Verkstad T-shirt Sale price€46,00
Kids' Urho T-shirt
Kids' Urho T-shirt Sale price€32,00
Urho T-Shirt
Urho T-Shirt Sale price€44,00
Kids' Folke Hooded Sweatshirt
Folke Hooded Sweatshirt
Folke Hooded Sweatshirt Sale price€109,00
Kids' Pocket T-Shirt
Kids' Pocket T-Shirt Sale price€32,00
Mini MeSquare Pocket T-Shirt
Square Pocket T-Shirt Sale price€39,00
Kids' Kasper PantsKids' Kasper Pants
Kids' Kasper Pants Sale price€65,00
Kids' Neva Jacket
Kids' Neva Jacket Sale price€149,00
Meera ParkaMeera Parka
Meera Parka Sale price€181,00
Kids' Hede Hooded FleeceKids' Hede Hooded Fleece
Kids' Hede Hooded Fleece Sale price€89,00
Hede Hooded FleeceHede Hooded Fleece
Hede Hooded Fleece Sale price€159,00