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Ode for spring

Ode for spring

Winter, makeway for Spring. The sun’s daily hikes to the sky are slowly but surely getting longer, meaning it’s time to unveil the first drop of our Spring 2023 collection. For the Spring season, we are introducing laid-back and functional styles with a couple of season-appropriate highlights.

This season, we are introducing a wide array of new jacket styles. The first drop includes new colorways for Isla Coat, Rey Jacket, and the new Elsa Jacket style. Other items for colder spring days include the Dome Vest. And as the days get brighter and warmer, the smart-looking Palisade Jacket is the way to go. In addition to the traditional laid-back Makia tones, the Spring Drop’s colors include lemon and tulip.

For the drop’s shooting location, we chose Oodi, Helsinki’s Central Library. Oodi is an impressive feat of Finnish architecture, –but more importantly, it’s a free-for-all public space for the people of Helsinki. No wonder it’s called the living room of Helsinki.