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Viha Rakkaus Makia- book

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In the beginning, professional snowboarders sold t-shirts from the basement window of an apartment building, designed a parka jacket, messed around, got Vesku Loiri and Kimi Räikkönen in their ads, messed around for years more and looked bankrupt, but survived. Now Finland's best-selling parka jacket is on the wall at the Design Museum and Makia is an international success story.

Written by Jani Niipola (b. 1976) who is a business journalist and non-fiction writer specializing in fashion and the creative economy who in his previous works has written about men's style, the success of the Finnish gaming industry and the Dudesons.

Author: Jani Niipola
Publisher: Johnny Kniga
Published: October 2021
Pages: 380
Cover: Maria Mitrunen
Cover artist: Danny Larsen