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We Scandinavians tend to navigate towards understated and down-to-earth colors. That’s hardly a surprise: half of the year, our color palette consists mainly of white, black, and grey. The Nordic winter has a tendency of hammering those colors into you. That’s why we got to fight back during the summer. The RGB collection (the abbreviation standing for Red, Green, and Blue) is our ongoing platform for experimenting with bright and lively colors.

The Summer drop of the RGB collection features a handful of summer essentials in vivid colors. On warm summer days, put on the Lots Hybrid Shorts, and you’re ready to hit the beach. When needed, the shorts double as swimming trunks. Pair the hybrid shorts with a Lots Cap for a matching – or playfully colorful – outfit.

The drop also features pieces with a more down-to-earth approach to using bright colors. The Lots T-shirts and Lots Long Sleeves have a ‘Through the Rough Seas’ logo realized with vivid gradient colors against a monochrome background. Finished with a stylized and colorful version of the Makia logo for that final touch of color.