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Cycling for a Good Cause 

Cycling for a Good Cause 

Over the years, we’ve tried to help those who need it. Each year, we donate some of our proceeds to different charity causes. This year, one of our causes is children battling with serious illnesses. With the help of the European charity organization Team Rynkeby, we’re helping Sylva Ry and our previous partner, the Aamusäätiö, to advance the research on children’s cancer and support the afflicted children and their families. Soon, that road will take us all the way to Paris – by bike.

It all started in 2002 in Denmark, when 11 amateur cyclists associated with the Rynkeby Foods A/S decided to hop on their bikes and cycle to Paris to see the final stage of the Tour de France. Now, Team Rynkeby has teams cycling to Paris each summer to raise money for seriously ill children. In 2022, Team Rynkeby donated 10,4 million euros to organizations that help these children. The event consists of 2026 exercise bikers divided into 62 local teams in 9 countries – it’s an international effort with donations directed to local causes. In Finland, these causes are the previously mentioned Sylva Ry and Aamusäätiö.

Of course, cycling to Paris doesn’t generate money by itself. (Otherwise, a whole lot of people would probably just ditch their jobs and ride bikes instead.) It’s just a way of getting the attention of sponsors – the actual source of donations. In 2022, Team Rynkeby had more than 4500 sponsors supporting the cause. This year, we are proud to say that Makia will be among those sponsors.

We’ve even got some skin in the game, as one of our own team members will be hopping on her bike and head for Paris. The trip starts on the 7th of July and ends on the 15th. You can follow the teams’ journey on Instagram & Rynkeby’s website. It’s a long road – but when the cause is good, Paris is never too far.

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