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Makia / Merenkävijät

Makia / Merenkävijät

After the Storm, the Sun Will Shine Again.

We’re gonna be real honest here: our relationship with Merenkävijät got off to a rocky start. And that’s completely on us. If you’re not familiar with the story, here’s a quick recap: a couple of years back, we launched a collection with a logo very similar to the M symbol used by Merenkävijät, a yacht club with a long heritage in Helsinki. It was a breakdown in protocol on our part – and, honestly, an embarrassing mistake. As compensation, that collection was donated to Merenkävijät, who then gave the clothes to charity. But there was still a certain sense of closure to be had.

In 2023, we hooked up with Merenkävijät to talk about what happened – and to see if there’d be some way for us to make things right. Luckily, Merenkävijät chose to take the high road. That’s why we’re immensely proud to launch the Merenkävijät Collaboration, a collection of streetwear essentials, such as T-shirts, long sleeves, and sweatshirts, finished with the Merenkävijät logo. A part of the collection’s profits is directed to charity causes, such as promoting responsible youth sailing and aiding the Baltic Sea.

The charity aspect continues what Merenkävijät are already doing: the club organizes junior sailing courses – and employs youngsters as sailing instructors. Furthermore, the club operates from Särkkä, an island near Helsinki. The island is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO, and, for the last century, Merenkävijät have acted as guardians of that island. Naturally, we wanted to arrange the photoshoot for the collection at Särkkä – no other place would have done. For more info about the things the Merenkävijät club does, visit

If you ask us, this collaboration is not only about design but also about reconciliation. Thank you, Merenkävijät, for showing that even in matters as delicate as these, it’s possible to see things eye to eye.


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