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Limitless fashion with Zalando

Limitless fashion with Zalando

The gender-free capsule collection is designed by contemporary brands, Han Kjøbenhavn, Martin Asbjørn, Makia and Double A by Wood Wood. The unique collaboration combines the creative vision of all four brands where each brand has approached the collection in their own way. The capsule collection is brought to life through the new campaign “Limitless Fashion”, starring Freja Kirk, Ursula Wångander, Jonas Bahri and Isaac Sene.

Stripped down from excess noise, Makia’s collection features gender-free everyday products in neutral colours that promote a message of solidarity and equality, leaving room to foster the bearers own diversity. Also present, is a pattern from the symbol of life force, love of nature and self-respect, the magnolia flower. The endurance and strength of the magnolia trees have made them an imprint of everlasting connections. The otherwise subtle collection is highlighted by an infinity symbol promoting the continuum of life. The two circles that the horizontal symbol eight forms have no ending and no beginning, and are perpetual in its pattern. In ancient India and Tibet, it signified oneness among a male and a female, and also perfection.

The uttermost inspiration for the collection is a respect for humanity and nature.

Soft and comfortable fabrics from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, linen and recycled fibres. The collection is made from 100% environmentally preferred materials. Relaxed and fluid cuts designed for all size and shape. Geometric Infinity print graphics. Symbolising the continuum of life and boundless love towards humanity. Playful Magnolia print pattern. Symbol of life force, love of nature and self-respect.

Our job is to also better the world little by little, by our decisions and example. Gender-free fashion means ultimate freedom, adaptability and respect for one’s individuality. To keep an open mind and embrace our uniqueness, and also ultimately the fact that we all live on the same planet where we need to get along, get treated equal and make our environment last for future generations.

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