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Katajanokan Venekerho

Katajanokan Venekerho

In cooperation with the club we have worked on a series of t-shirts and sweatshirts that feature the club’s emblem designed by heraldist Kari K. Laurla. A part of the proceedings from this collaboration will be donated to Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association, to preserve the Finnish coastline and its waterways.

During summertime Finns like to spend much of their time on water. There are a few hundred boat and sailing clubs around the country and we were lucky enough to collaborate with our local one.

The t-shirts are made out of Pure Waste recycled materials and the sweatshirts from certified organic cotton.

The roots of Pure Waste come from the Nordic tradition of recycling, and the clean and pure environment of our native Finland. They first began experimenting with industrial leftover materials with their first-born Costo – a company that specialises in sustainable textile accessories. They are committed to make only ecological and otherwise ethical choices, without compromises. So when they couldn’t find a fabric that was 100 % recycled, they decided to develop it themselves.

Pure waste garments are made out of materials that would otherwise go to waste. They also wish to challenge the whole perception of waste. Pure Waste is recycling upgraded. Their vision is to recreate the fashion industry, and lead it into a future of sustainability. While industrialising textile upcycling globally as a common practice.

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