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Non-hostile Finlayson store takeover in Tampere

Non-hostile Finlayson store takeover in Tampere

Finlayson has been a great inspiration for us with their sustainable, brave and unprejudiced approach towards textile business. When James Finlayson originally arrived to Tampere in 1820, who would have thought he started a business what later became one of the longest running companies out of Finland.

With the help of our friends at Finlayson, we are piloting a new business model that allows us to better serve our customers in Tampere, through a four-month takeover of their store. We hope this inspires others to think outside of the box and adapt their behaviour towards a more humane and sustainable future.

The ‘Makia Non-Hostile Takeover‘ concept store is located in the in the bottom floor of the Ratina shopping centre, in the former Finlayson store space, in the historic textile city of Tampere, Finland.

Show compassion, support each other, and lead by example.