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New Raglan Parka - the classic reborn

New Raglan Parka - the classic reborn

The Raglan Parka was originally designed as the one winter jacket that you would need to last through the harsh Nordic winter. A simple no-nonsense design that would look good no matter the situation, and that you can throw on in any weather. The jacket has been with us since our first collection and become a staple for us, representing timeless usability with a touch of Nordic contemporary design heritage.

The Original Raglan Parka from Fall/Winter 07-08 and the Raglan Parka from Fall/Winter 19-20

Over the years, the design has received functional and material improvements, yet the jacket’s unchanged silhouette remains as a testament to a less is more Nordic way of thinking. It was recently featured in Helsinki Design Museum, as a part of the ‘Anthology of Finnish Fashion’ exhibition.

New design

The new and improved design is lighter, with the oversized buttons in the front list having been replaced by a more functional and minimalistic magnetic list. Although lighter, the warm properties of the jacket remain the same, meaning this is one of the warmest jackets in our collection. The surface fabric is coated with a 7000mm water column, along with suitable layers of insulation on the inside of the jacket . The jacket is made of recycled polyester and has a detachable faux fur hood lining.

The new Raglan Parka is available now for both men and women.