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Moominmamma by Makia

Moominmamma by Makia

Makia has worked with Moomin Characters on a Moominmamma collection. The collection goes by the theme “Calm in the eye of the storm” and features Moominmamma, as well as characters like Ninny the invisible child, Too-Ticky, Little My and Thingumy & Bob.

Moominmamma is the backbone of the Moomin family. This calm and collected mother just wants everyone to be happy while juggling her duties in the eye of the storm. She believes in individuality and that people learn a lot from their mistakes. She does the heavy lifting and ensures that the Moominhouse is always a safe and loving place. Finding solutions rather than pointing fingers and seeing the silver lining in every cloud. We feel like these are traits that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Also, besides highlighting the ever so caring and motherly Moominmamma, we felt it was important to give a voice to Ninny – the invisible child. Ninny reminds us of the importance of giving a voice to all genders and empower them in their daily lives.

Designer Elina Lappalainen’s word

The colors and atmosphere of the collection are inspired by the book ‘Moomins and the Great Flood. The design process started with an effort to try and understand the deepest essence of Moominmamma, from which the “Calm in the eye of the Storm” theme was born. ‘Calm in the Eye of the Storm’- seeks to describe the inner strength, peace, gentleness, and depth of Moominmamma. This is reflected in warmth, softness, and easy accessibility.

The purpose of the collection is to create a sense of security and ease for the wearer. Delicate soft colors, knitwear that brings warmth and security, and I hope that the warm essence of Moominmamma is conveyed to the viewer.