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Like Koff 182 years earlier, Makia also saw daylight from a small cellar window next to the Sinebrychoff park in downtown Helsinki in 2001. The iconic Koff park tower and still active brewery stable have carried over the local heritage up to this day and into our MAKIA – KOFF – IVK collection.

For the second drop with KOFF, we tried different approaches and finally found the missing link after visiting KOFF’s stables in the Sinebrychoff Park, where the brewery’s horses are kept to this day, in the center of Helsinki. We discovered old photos, paintings, and stories that inspired us to dedicate the second collection to these hard-working horses.

Sinebrychoff has had its brewery stable in Hietalahti, downtown Helsinki, for almost 200 years. The horses used to run the mill, pull the malt, mash loads, pull ice blocks from the sea, and deliver the beer to the customers. The Danish-born Jylland horses are calm, sturdy, and strong workhorses that weigh close to one thousand kilos and continue to do daily delivery runs around Helsinki. Our inspiration were the legendary horses Styrkka and Fyrkka, who served the brewery during the 80s.

Sinebrychoff, established in 1819, is the oldest brewery in the Nordic countries and is one of the longest-running companies from Finland. Their first brewery was located just a stone’s throw away from where Makia also hails, in Helsinki’s old worker’s district of Punavuori.

Together with KOFF, we wanted to pay respect to the hard-working mentality that has built our city, this country, and its culture. For this, we have created a workwear-inspired collection of timeless classics featuring colours and illustrations from Sinebrychoff’s history. To add a finishing touch, we dug deep into the vaults of KOFF and created a Lager from one of the brewery’s original recipes.