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Makia // HUF

Makia // HUF

As teenagers in the early ’90s, skateboarding was just becoming a permanent fixture in Scandinavian street scene. All things related to it were a new page in our book as the days consisted of all day skate missions exploring what our Nordic capital of Helsinki had to offer to our new found love. Thrasher was available from one bookstore in the city and new gear had to be ordered through mailorder by a cash envelope and good fortune. Those days created the foundation for our latter lives and led us up to having the courage of starting our own clothing label. Thank you for the inspiration Keith Hufnagel and other pioneers of the streets.

Today we are humbled to announce that Makia has worked with HUF on a Nordic influenced streetwear collection designed for the rugged pavement and harsh elements that we encounter up North.

The collection consists of Nordic streetwear incorporated with HUF design elements and skateboarding influence. Launching simultaneously in Osaka, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, London, Milano and Helsinki.