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Makia & Friends: Shadi Razavi

Makia & Friends: Shadi Razavi

In short

I’m a Helsinki based stylist. In contrast to city life, I love to spend time in nature. The sea is close to my heart and makes me gather my thoughts and relax. I love to swim in it. I also have a habit of getting excited quickly. As a good example, I sometimes jump aboard with my friends’ ideas before I have even heard them properly.

I have worked as a stylist for ten years. I enjoy the versatility of my profession. I get to work with lots of different people in different surroundings and projects. I believe that we can get inspired by everything surrounding us.

Work methods

Every shoot is different. So you need to prepare a bit differently for each of them. I usually ready myself by researching the client and their needs and by creating a mood board. I like to prepare a well-balanced entity and leave some room for spontaneous ideas that happen as we go along.

The state of fashion

Because of Covid, people have started to value comfort and leisurewear. We see a mix of everyday items combined with something more formal, like a sweatsuit combined with a blazer, for example. Comfort is essential. The sneaker scene is still strong. We see a lot of oversized coats, and the oversized trend has broadened into other categories as well.

On the contrary, I feel that when people actually get a chance to enjoy a bit of ordinary life, they invest a lot in those rare moments, like going out for dinner in a spectacular fashion.

Nordic scene

Traditionally we aren’t as playful with the colours here but strive for a more neutral look. The layering of outfits adds variety to the palette. Nordic style is focused more on the minimal aesthetic than going overboard. Behind the calm and simplified look lies well thought functional and aesthetic details. During the warmer summer months, people tend to gravitate towards a more colourful look.

My style

My style is quite classic, with a hint of masculinity. Usually, I start by choosing suit pants and a blazer, then add a colour or combine the blazer with vintage Levi’s jeans or leather pants. The look instantly gets more interesting. I also love vintage stuff and add it to my closet whenever possible.