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Makia has worked with ABLOY on a collection of streetwear inspired by the heritage of the over a hundred-year-old lock company. ABLOY is present daily in almost every Finn’s life, simply by stepping in or out of their front door. ABLOY became globally known in 1907 from Emil Henriksson’s invention of an operating principle of rotating detainer discs that all ABLOY locks are based on. Thus today, Abloy’s locking systems can be found anywhere from the Auckland Museum to Macao’s casinos.

MAKIA ABLOY collaboration combines the lock company’s heritage and unisex clothing into modern-day streetwear. One of the highlight pieces of the collection is the athletic-inspired Mayor Jacket. This technical coach jacket works equally in the city and as a layering piece, with its weather-enduring properties. The workwear-inspired Engineer Vest comes with an ABLOY key pattern lining and an ABLOY metal key puller on the chest pocket zipper. ABLOY’s old logos and other elements inspired by the company’s history can be found in the collection’s graphic prints.

MAKIA ABLOY – Key to the City collaboration collection available now at Makia stores,, and selected retailers.

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