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Let's keep the Finnish archipelago and waterways clean

Let's keep the Finnish archipelago and waterways clean

Finland is known as ‘land of a thousand lakes’ and from its unique Archipelago Sea that contains arguably the largest archipelago in the world by the number of islands. Needless to say our waterways are a part of our identity, from bathing in lakeside saunas to roaming on frozen sea ice in the winter, which is why we need to preserve them for generations to come.

Together with Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association we created a small collection of everyday essentials to promote the wellbeing of our coastal and lake areas. It features the iconic seal logo that has adorned Nordic seas amongst sailors for decades.

Established in 1969, the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association (Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry) is a Finnish environmental organisation for boaters and all those travelling in and around Finnish waterways. The Association serves the archipelago and coastal regions, as well as the network of lakes in the Finnish Lakeland region.

The task and aim of the Association is to keep Finland’s coastlines and archipelago clean, and to support opportunities for recreational boating and the enjoyment of all the waterways in and around Finland. The activities of the Association are diverse and concrete, from environmental maintenance tasks and educational work to national and international project work.

The operations of the Association are divided into three distinct areas of activity – environmental management, environmental communication and project work.

A significant share of our collection’s sales are allocated to activities that promote the protection of the nature in the archipelago and lake regions.

More information about the association can be found here: