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International coastal cleanup month

International coastal cleanup month

The Baltic Sea is close to our hearts and lives here at Makia. Unfortunately, it is in a poor state due to eutrophication caused by nitrogen and phosphorus discharges, which feeds algae and water plant growth in the sea. Phosphorus in particular plays a key role in the growth of blue-green algae blooms. Each year we donate funds in preventative work to the John Nurminen foundation. JNS implements concrete Baltic Sea protection measures with proven results.

Also, together with Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association we created a small ongoing collection of everyday essentials to promote the wellbeing of our coastal and lake areas. It features the iconic seal logo that has adorned Nordic seas amongst sailors for decades. 20% of collection’s sales will be donated to the association to aid in waste management of Finnish waterways and archipelago.

The following pictures were shot on an island cleanup day in collaboration with Makia and Aito Surffibussi (surf bus) this summer. Let’s keep our oceans clean and encourage others to do so as well.

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