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Fall’s Jacket Haul, Part 2 – For Men

Fall’s Jacket Haul, Part 2 – For Men

It varies year to year, but the first weeks of fall are usually pretty golden. For these early days, we recommend the casual and workwear-inspired York Jacket. Made from a comfy blend of wool and polyester, the York Jacket features a classic check print that matches excellently with the Fall vibes. Other arrivals for the early fall include the bomber-style duo, the Oasis Jacket and its Helsinki-inspired brethren, the Souvenir Jacket.

The fall can be a tricky season because, temperature-wise, you’ll never know how the day is going to turn out. That’s why layering up (and down, when needed) really is the key. The light quilted Capital Jacket and the compact and lightweight Almar Jacket are among our layering go-to pieces. And for the days that are a bit on the warmer side, layer up with the unisex Coco Vest.

That’s the nice part of fall. Then, we’ll get to the real deal: the cold, wet days. Well, at least up here in the North. That’s when you need to gear up. The Mars Jacket is a regular-fitting jacket that sits on the heavier side: the warm jacket features an adjustable hood and a 5000 mm water column to keep the drizzle at bay. Check out also the unisex Aya Jacket. The relaxed puffer jacket’s insulated stand-up collar makes sure to keep you warm when the wind starts blowing.