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Artist Series: Laura Timantti

Artist Series: Laura Timantti

Laura Timantti is known for her colorful & playful style that entwines into urban spaces. Her work is inspired by feminism, nature, skateboarding culture, East European children stories and animations, Tove Jansson, gastronomy, fashion and love.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Laura, Laura Timantti. I started thinking I could become an artist when I moved to Barcelona to live and study as an illustrator. It was pretty easy to paint the walls in the city. There I became interested in illustrating on a larger scale and maybe also in colors and everything about the bold, variegated visual world.

What got you into art?

Tove Jansson got me excited about art in the first place. I remember listening to Moomin cassettes and drawing something.

Can you describe Laura Timantti X Makia collaboration collection in a few words?

This collection is honest, sensitive, and emotional. It has the different emotions of the spectrum of life – joys, and the contradiction that sometimes there is also misery.

It’s nice to see illustrations on someone, that the human body brings a new layer to it, when the illustration is on a moving, physical, living being.

Tell us a little bit of your own style.

My own style is a mixture of a skateboarder and a señorita drawn from the streets of Barcelona. I just like certain things, so when I see them, I know if I like them or not. I think it’s wonderful in today’s world that age or gender doesn’t have to define one’s own style. So it’s trendy to have your own look, and I think that’s cool.