Världens Starkaste!
We are proud to reveal our unisex collaboration with Bamse, the strongest (and kindest) bear in the world. Bamse is a beloved Swedish cartoon character created by Rune Andréasson, first appearing in 1966 on television and later in 1973 as a comic.

Bamse’s iconic status is one of the reasons why we wanted to make this collection. Another of the reasons is Bamse’s message: be kind. Together with his friends, Bamse is always fighting the good fight and standing against bullying, racism, and violence – while showing compassion to those who need it most.

    Regnar Hooded Sweatshirt 109,00


    Weird Hooded Sweatshirt 109,00

    m l

    Flex T-shirt 44,00

    xs xxl

    Bamse Sweatshirt 99,00

    xs m

    Flex Sweatshirt 99,00

    xs m

    Usch T-shirt 44,00

    xs s m

    Tjong Long Sleeve 65,00

    xs m l xl

    Starkaste T-shirt 44,00

    s m l

    Dunder T-shirt 44,00


    Bamse T-shirt 44,00

    s l xl

    Bang T-shirt 44,00


    Regnar T-shirt 44,00

    xs s m

    Flex Tote Bag 15,00


    Regnar Tote Bag 15,00