Together with Remedy Entertainment, we’ve designed a collection to celebrate the anticipated release of Alan Wake 2. Nicknamed the “Cult Collection”, the collab draws inspiration from the nightmarish world of Alan Wake, one of the most acclaimed chapters in the Finnish gaming scene.

Alan Wake, the multi-award-winning game and global success story by Remedy Entertainment, represents the very finest of the Finnish gaming industry. Released in 2010, the survival horror game takes the player into the small town of Bright Falls. There, the nightmare starts to unfold. We’ve had the immense honor of designing a clothing collection to celebrate the release of the sequel, Alan Wake 2.

The unisex streetwear collection features the essentials, such as T-shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts, and a hoodie. Alongside the streetwear staples, we threw in a couple of special treats: a coach jacket with a reflective print on the back and a cap with a similarly reflective print on the front. The prints feature horror-inspired imagery from the game, with an emphasis on the ominous Cult of Tree present in the sequel.

The inception of the collab came quite naturally: the folks at Remedy have since long been fans of streetwear design – just like we have been fans of Remedy’s games for years. It was just a matter of time before our paths would cross. When presented with the chance to design a collection for a company that put the Finnish gaming scene on the map, we didn’t hesitate. Furthermore, reproducing Alan Wake 2’s strong artistic design in clothing was also a chance for us to raise the bar for gaming apparel.

The photoshoot took place in a cabin provided by Remedy – the very set where the trailer for Alan Wake 2 was shot. The set features many of the trademarks of the game series: the typewriter, the TV with the crackling static, the walls with the stuffed animals. And of course, the unsettling feeling of darkness slowly creeping in.