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At home in the cold

At home in the cold

Colours of blueberry leaves, birch, beard lichen and autumn foliage that can be seen in nature have carried their tones into this winter’s collection, which strives for a combination of functional design meeting urban requirements.

Fall/Winter 2020-21 Women’s new arrivals – Jackets

For the ladies, we have new highlights such as the Rae parka in ochre and black and the improved puffer jacket Meera Parka, in black, ochre and olive. These jackets are both loose-fitting with large hoods to shelter one even in the nastiest weather.

The Halla Parka 2.0 in black and dark green, is a minimalist everyday winter jacket with a modern a-line silhouette and a snorkel hood.

For a more traditional Nordic style winter coat, the Vuono Coat comes with a classic yoke detail and a sheltering snorkel hood in down to earth port and black.

As a lighter shell jacket we have the outdoors inspired Rey jacket in black and green, perfect for year around use.

Fall/Winter 2020-21 Men’s new arrivals – Jackets

Men’s highlights for this season are the Outpost puffer jacket in ochre and black as well as the new everyday winter trooper, the Grit Jacket in copper, black, and dark navy. Both of these jackets have been designed to combine weather enduring and functional properties to carry you over the winter.

Our lighter options for milder weather are the wool blended workwear-inspired Hacienda jacket in navy and camel, as well as the bomber style quilted Metropol jacket in black and green.