The Rapala by Makia collection consists of adaptable everyday streetwear that you can take from the streets to the riverbank. Highlights of the collection include original vintage Rapala illustrations as well as classic fishing inspired mid-season outerwear.

For over 80 years, Finnish fishing lure manufacturer Rapala has been synonymous with original high quality lure designs. Since Lauri Rapala developed his world famous Rapala Original Floater lure in the heartlands of Finnish lake area Päijänne in 1936, it took until 1962 when the company was featured in an article in the same issue of Life magazine that covered the tragic passing of Marilyn Monroe, for the lures to get discovered by the large public. With this collaboration we wish to pay tribute to the outdoorsman that Lauri Rapala was, and his legacy that continues to live strong with the Rapala brand.

Part of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to the Rapala Fund that supports positive actions towards our fishing waters.

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