Myssyfarmi is a farm-based design company from Pöytyä, Finland. All of their high-quality garments and accessories are hand-knit by local retired ladies known as The Myssy Grannies.

These cheerful ladies are the essence of the Myssyfarmi brand, knitting their own positive energy and wisdom into every stitch. Myssyfarmi gets their unique hand-dyed yarn from a local herd of Finnsheep. It is responsibly produced and has a softness that compares to that of Merino yarn. Everything is organic and original, and from the farm. Today Myssy beanies can be found in 16 countries across the globe, from famous department stores to small boutiques. Yet every Myssy is still handmade by a local Myssy Granny, from the best organic spun Finnsheep wool.

Makia has worked with Myssyfarmi on a selection of high-quality artisan ‘Myssy’ beanies.

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