We would like to take this moment and wish Finlayson a happy belated 200th birthday. Due to the pandemic, our thank you as a present was postponed until this moment. Nevertheless, it remains as actual as ever.

We live in a world that needs fewer empty words and more actions. During recent years, Finlayson has been the elephant in the room, leading the way in addressing socially important topics that everyone knows, but no one wants to talk about in a straightforward and constructive manner.

As a thank you, and to celebrate Finlayson's 200th birthday and groundbreaking work towards addressing socially relevant topics, we have designed a line of 'Elephant in the room' -products inspired by Finlayson and the original elephant design by Laina Koskela in 1969.

Established in 1820, Finlayson is a Finnish textile manufacturer and one of the Nordic countries' oldest companies.

Elephant: Jukka Kurttila, Creative Director, Finlayson

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