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Makia & Friends: Kimmo Syväri

Kimmo Syväri is a longtime Makia family member and the other founder of KOSKI SYVÄRI, a Helsinki based entrepreneurial venture. In the early years of Makia, Kimmo was a large part of creating the high standard visual identity behind Makia, and today continues to push the envelope through his own company.

MAKIA & Von Wright – Observations in Finnish landscape and nature 1805-2020

A stroll in solitude

Lasipalatsi – Glass Palace: Home to our flagship store

Makia x Ivana Helsinki – Campground

Inspiration: Havis Amanda

Giving back: Makia donates 15% of sales to underprivileged children

Introducing the coltsfoot pattern

Through the rough seas – together

Introducing organic cotton

A brief history of Makia Women